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  • 2 Christopher Wolstenholme
  • 3 Dominic Howard
  • 4 Quotes on the band

Matthew Bellamy

  • Absolution is an album about relationships between you and the other things, whether its you and God, or you and your girlfriend...
    • Matthew Bellamy on the 3rd album, Absolution.
  • We were all off our faces on mushrooms when we recorded Plug In Baby... There was this big field next to the recording studio filled with them. So we ate them all. I don't know what we were doing, but we all ended up naked in a jacuzzi and I went deaf in one ear from falling asleep in the sauna...
    • Matt on recording Plug In Baby and going deaf.
  • Dom wants to be a stadium rock drummer and have a sweat towel tech...
    • Matt told NME in 2001.
  • I've never been that into doing guitar solos. There's something very uncool about them.
    • Matt interview by Total Guitar on July 2000.
  • I watched someone shot a cow in the bollocks.
    • Matt on his childhood experiences in a Q magazine interview.
  • Some people will think it's a load of pretentious wank, and some people will like it because its different...
    • Matt after recording Origin of Symmetry.
  • The buzz comes from getting extremely nervous before we go on [stage]. I'm really nervous now, already. I think that when you get to half an hour before, the nerves turn into adrenalin. I'm nervous all day pretty much. It turns into pure excitement, as opposed to just shitting yourself...
    • Matt before going on stage in front of 14,000 people. Manchester, 2003.
  • Being impregnated by an alien and giving birth. It'd be awful to give birth to a freak so you'd have to hide it away from everyone but still bring it up as your own.
    • Matt when he was asked about what was his greatest fear by NME in 2000.
  • Most bands release a live album when they become old and fat. We wanted to be different.
    • Matt on the release of live album Hullabaloo Soundtrack.
  • I find her music completely offensive for a start and I'm sure our fans do as well.
    • Matt on Celine Dion's music.
  • Merci beaucoup. This is our last song now, (Dom - Thank you), Thank you very much indeed. We're doing a tour, coming back in.. ahh, get a grip. (Chris - It's Gone) Lost the plot. I've lost the plot, I've lost the fucking plot mate. what? What? Say it. You wanna say something? (Dom - No) Say something quick. I never know what to say in case you hadn't noticed. I never know what to say, just make a dick of myself everytime. (Dom - Anyway, this song is called Bliss, bye bye)
    • Matt confusing the crowd and band mates in 2001, Route du Rock 2001.
  • What kind of effect do you think your music will have on My Chemical Romance fans? [when Muse supported MCR]
    • Um, you know, take them to a higher level [laughs hysterically].
  • Have you had any celebrity fans coming to the shows?
    • Paris Hilton [came] to the LA show, too. But she left during Knights of Cydonia, which is the first song on the set. If we're offending Paris Hilton we must be doing something right.
      • Matt in an interview by Q Magazine.
  • (Muttering) (Dom - It's you pissing around on the piano) Eh? Obviously, so you're saying it's my fault for pissing around on the piano. Was I pissing around on the piano? (Dom - Yeah) I wasn't fucking pissing. (Dom - (bangs)) You know what, I've had it with you lot, I've had enough of you both. It'll be much better.
    • Matt and Dom arguing. Watch

"we try to keep the assistance the computers can give us to a minimum, to almost nothing so i think its much more difficult to try and physically do something yourself and get a computer to fix it, cuz you can.. now a days, now a days you can play things on the drums, on the guitar, vocal and get a computer to repair all the mistakes, you know but, mistakes is what makes us who we are, so ugh...i keep the mistakes in there." Matthew Bellamy,MCM Interview 2000 [1]

  • What would you do if you are the only man left on earth after the End of The World?
    • "I'd go looking for a woman...If I wouldn't find any, I think I'll be satisfied with Dominic."
  • I am a shepherd.


(Video) Muse - Knights Of Cydonia (Video)

Matthew Bellamy: "You know..if you develop a bit of a closeness with someone of the opposite sex, it can, it can uh..can develop.."

Dom Howard: "Are you talkin' about love?"

(Video) MUSE - WILL OF THE PEOPLE [Official Music Video]

Matthew Bellamy: *giggles* "Maybe."

Dom Howard: "Awwww."

(Video) Muse - Where The Streets Have No Name (feat. The Edge) live @ Glastonbury 2010


Christopher Wolstenholme

  • Every album we've recorded has been done differently, but with Absolution, there was something within the band that made us feel a lot closer...
    • Christopher Wolstenholme talking about the power behind Absolution.
  • What did you make of the Mercury Prize? Are you bothered about not being nominated? (Interviewer)
    • It's a big industry thing. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the public. It seems like a pointless thing. It's an excuse for the record companies to get together and kiss each other's arses
      • Chris about Mercury Prize, in a interview by Dotmusic, October 2000.
  • What's your favourite invention of the last 1000 years?
    • N64
      • Chris on a 1999 interview by NME.
  • Matt: If I wanted to record a solo album, how concerned would you be?
    • If I could play bass on it, it’d be alright.
      • Chris on a 2007 interview by Kerrang!.
  • Matt: "After the seaside tour is over, me and Dom are going to train as Punch and Judy showmen;we've already bought all the props and it's great fun. All we need now is a Black Holes-style tent"
    • Dom: "It'll be really excellent - we wouldn't want to do this in an amateur way, so we've set aside 3 months to train properly. Matt wanted one of our props (the string of sausages) to symbolise alien DNA strands, but I told him that was too highbrow for our audience;I mean, they're just kids...We tried to get Chris to act as Mrs Punch, but he told us to piss off, sadly."
      • Chris: "I'm going straight home after the tour. I'll probably need therapy and counselling after this. Expect a solo album in 2008."
  • Matt:"No, it bored's all bad sex, cheap drinks, and terrible teaching methods."
    • Dom:"Actually, yes, I reckon they are the best days of your life because you don't have the stresses of money, career etc."
      • Chris:"No, it was fucking shit."
        • Matt, Dom, and Chris on their happy days at school.

Dominic Howard

  • Most of our first gigs were in typical Devon pubs where you just go and sit down with a drink and watch VH-1 on the telly. They really didn't want to see a band. All they wanted was a quiet pint and we were in the corner just making a racket...
    • Dominic Howard talking to Kerrang! in 1999.
  • I like music because... it makes me feel the most free I've ever felt in my entire life and gives me the freedom to do anything without much consequence.
    • Dom in an interview with
  • We were doing the Big Day Out festival. I went "Hello, Adelaide!" Matt turned round going, "We're in fucking Perth you dick." He was quite pissed off with me for the whole day.
    • Dom on the funny bits of the 2007 tour.
  • What essential items do you take to a festival?
    • I find that a drumkit is essential for any festival we play these days.
      • Dom in a 2004/2005 interview

Quotes on the band

  • The belief was always there, the confidence, the ability and the desire to get to where they are today...
    • Thomas Kirk talking about the bands success in 2003.
  • A lot of people from the local college would come down and hang out (at The Cavern Club) - Dom would be there and their friend Tom [Kirk], who still works for them now. And Matt would be down there a lot, in his usual corner by the mixing desk. He was a bit shy, quiet, talking very fast, giggling like a little child - exactly how he is now. The only major difference was that back then they all had long hair. And I'm sure Matt used to wear a Radiohead t-shirt...
    • Ronnie Kerswell, an early supporter of Muse, and now a journalist for Rock Sound. Talking about when she helped run The Cavern Club.
  • That chick has a great voice. It's a guy? Whoah, there goes my erection. I apologise to the singer - I guess I'll not be asking him out on a date now but he sounds real good. When I listen to his voice I feel like someone is tickling my penis with a feather.
    • Pete Steele, talking about Cave when guest reviewing it for Kerrang!, after it entered at number 53 in the national UK.

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What was Muse original name? ›

In 1994, while they were called Rocket Baby Dolls, they won a Battle of the Bands competition. During this competition, they broke their instruments, but still won. In 1997, they chose the name Muse.

What does the band Muse stand for? ›

Origin of 'Muse'

According to Matt, Dom, and Chris, they chose the name 'Muse' because it was short and it looked good on a poster. The first they heard of the word was when someone in Teignmouth suggested that the reason for a lot of the populace becoming members of bands was due to a muse hovering over the town.

How old is Muse? ›

Muse are an English rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The band consists of Matt Bellamy (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Dominic Howard (drums).

Who is the 4th member of Muse? ›

Morgan Daniel Nicholls (born 18 March 1971) is an English musician, member of English pop band Senseless Things and best known for performing with Muse, Gorillaz, The Streets and Lily Allen.

What are Muse fans called? ›

Those moments between Muse fans—or “Musers” as they are sometimes called—have also been known to transcend the physical world, with some of them connecting through a series of online message boards that predate social media.

Why did Muse break up? ›

"Muse had decided to take a year off; we did a lot heavy touring last year and the years before as well. "Our plan was to just take a break this year, which is good because myself and also Chris, the bass player, he's recently just had a baby as well, so it was nice to take a break for that.

Is Muse inspired by Radiohead? ›

Dominic Howard, the drummer for Muse, on the other hand, said: “When we were 16, Radiohead was one of our major influences. The Bends was my favourite album when I was younger.”

How much is Muse worth? ›

18. Muse ($35 million, tie)

What gender is Muse? ›

In Ancient Greece, the nine Muses were goddesses who inspired artists to complete their work.

Was Muse in Twilight? ›

Muse have appeared on all three soundtracks to the Twilight films but Chris Wolstenholme from the band has likened it to "selling your soul".

What has happened to Muse? ›

Muse has not lost its own muse, as the British band is set to return with “Will of the People,” the trio's first album in nearly four years, due for release August 26. The way is paved for the 10-song collection by a new single and music video, “Compliance,” out today.

Has Muse ever had a Number 1? ›

Muse have continued to enjoy high levels of commercial success in recent years – The 2nd Law and Drones both topped the UK Albums Chart, while the latter was the group's first release to reach number one on the Billboard 200.

How many Grammys does Muse have? ›

Grammy Awards

Muse have received two awards from eight nominations.

Is Muse a religious band? ›

The members of Muse were vocal about their agnostic and atheist beliefs, which would cause great concern between my parents regarding the state of my soul.

Is muse big in Japan? ›

In general Muse and Radiohead are favourites here - quite similar bands in terms of their musical appeal. Blur and Oasis are also very popular.

What is a Billie Eilish fan called? ›

However, one thing that might shock you is that her fans don't have an official name or title. While BTS has the ARMY and Taylor Swift has Swifties, Billie's fans are simply Billie Eilish fans! Originally, her fans were jokingly referred to as “Avocados,” and even Billie herself now cringes to hear this.

Can we call model a muse? ›

Calling a model a muse is as archaic and ridiculous as putting a fig leaf on a nude.

Who were the three original muses? ›

According to Pausanias, who wrote in the later second century AD, there were originally three Muses, worshipped on Mount Helicon in Boeotia: Aoide ('song' or 'tune'), Melete ('practice' or 'occasion'), and Mneme ('memory').

What is the biggest Muse? ›

Muse's Official Top 20 biggest songs on the Official Chart
16 more rows
Nov 8, 2018

How long did Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson date? ›

Kate Hudson explained that while the end of her three-year engagement to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy didn't feel good at the time, looking back, it kicked off an important journey of self-discovery.

When did Muse disband? ›

They originally debuted with the song Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE before they disbanded in 2016 prior to the release of their final single. Their real life parallel of the voice actresses ended activities as a group on April 1, 2016 with the Final Live, ending their legacy.

Are Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson still friends? ›

Kate Hudson has opened up about how she co-parents with Muse singer, Teignmouth's Matt Bellamy. In 2010, the pair got engaged after just one year of dating, three months before having their son, Bingham. Despite going their separate ways in 2014, they have since remained close friends.

Do artists fall in love with their Muse? ›

Most muse/artist relationships involve a sexual connection. Such a connection can keep the relationship between the muse and artist together. A muse can allow an artist to focus and to have a stable inspirational relationship. The relationship can possibly last forever.

What album made Muse famous? ›

Black Holes and Revelations (2006)

With a vague space theme, it is fitting that Black Holes and Revelations catapulted Muse to the stars.

Why do people compare Muse and Radiohead? ›

Fans of the band frequently compare Muse to Radiohead in terms of sound and style. Matt Bellamy has a very similar voice to Radiohead's Thom Yorke, according to the lead singer of the band.

How many albums have Muse sold? ›

Since forming in 1994, Muse have released nine studio albums, selling over 30 million units worldwide.

How much is the lead singer of Muse worth? ›

Matthew Bellamy net worth: Matthew Bellamy is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and composer who has a net worth of $40 million dollars.

Is Kate Hudson married to Matt Bellamy? ›

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery actress was engaged to the Muse frontman from 2011 to 2014 and they share son Bing, 11. Kate Hudson is opening up more about her split from ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy.

Can I call my boyfriend my muse? ›

Your lover can be your muse. I would even go so far as to say that your lover in some ways is your muse, at least I hope that's true for you. If loving is an art, then someone who inspires you to love them certainly, fits the definition of a muse. So, one might say that a lover is a very specific species of muse.

Can a man be a woman's muse? ›

There have been male muses in artistic history, too. The newly opened Barbara Hepworth exhibition at London's Tate Britain reveals how the sculptresses husband, Ben Nicholson, became an all-encompassing source of inspiration for her.

What God is muse? ›

In Greek mythology, the Muses are the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. Sometimes these ethereal goddess are referred to as water nymphs, as they were born from the four sacred springs that flowed on Helicon after Pegasus, the winged horse, stamped his hooves on the ground.

Who does Bella lose her virginity to in Twilight? ›

Back in 2011, Twilight's Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were tasked with creating what Stewart calls the "most epic sex scene of all time:" when Bella Swan loses her virginity to Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

Who made Bella pregnant in Twilight? ›

Bella gets pregnant after one night of passionate sex with her husband Edward the vampire, sex that leads to the destruction of their idyllic honeymoon suite.

Did Bella wear wigs in Twilight? ›

Kristen Stewart has said that she will not wear a wig for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. The actress wore a wig during the filming of Eclipse to play Bella Swan because she had cut her hair short to star as Joan Jett in The Runaways.

What is replacing Muse? ›

Vev: The alternative to Adobe Muse

Vev gives you all the tools you need to generate complex, responsive sites without traditional web development workflows, as well as a variety of digital assets such as marketing collateral, landing pages, eBooks and more.

Do people still use Muse? ›

Can users of Adobe Muse continue to use the software and also download it again? Yes, if you have a current subscription with Creative Cloud all apps, you should be able to locate Muse in the Older Apps section.

Did Muse sell out? ›

Unlucky Muse fans are furious with the speed in which tickets to their Devon homecoming stadium gig have sold out. The multi-platinum rock band will be kicking off their 2023 tour at Home Park in Plymouthnext May.

What origin is Muse? ›

Muse, Greek Mousa or Moisa, Latin Musa, in Greco-Roman religion and mythology, any of a group of sister goddesses of obscure but ancient origin, the chief centre of whose cult was Mount Helicon in Boeotia, Greece. They were born in Pieria, at the foot of Mount Olympus.

What is the origin of the last name Muse? ›

English: variant of Mewes . French: nickname from Old French muse 'amusement, dissipation', denoting a dissolute person.

What kind of name is Muse? ›

Muse Origin and Meaning

The name Muse is girl's name of Greek origin. Remember, the Muse is passive: someone else's inspiration.

When was the word Muse invented? ›

Muse was first used as a verb in the mid-14th century from the 12th century Old French muser meaning to dream, ponder, or wonder. Muser itself has an uncertain origin. The noun muse was first used in the late-14th century, as “one of the nine muses of classical mythology” from Middle French muse.

What are the 3 muses names? ›

The Roman scholar Varro (116–27 BC) relates that there are only three Muses: one born from the movement of water, another who makes sound by striking the air, and a third who is embodied only in the human voice. They were called Melete or "Practice", Mneme or "Memory" and Aoide or "Song".

What gender is muse? ›

In Ancient Greece, the nine Muses were goddesses who inspired artists to complete their work.

What religion is muse? ›

The members of Muse were vocal about their agnostic and atheist beliefs, which would cause great concern between my parents regarding the state of my soul. I knew that if this love affair was going to last, it had to be kept secret.

What does muse mean in the Bible? ›

intransitive verb. : to become absorbed in thought. especially : to think about something carefully and thoroughly.

What is the meaning of Muse in French? ›

museum, the ~ Noun. art gallery, the ~ Noun.

What is the most popular Greek last name? ›

In Greece, the most common family name is Papadopoulos, followed by Pappas, Karagiannis, and Vlachos. In Cyprus, Georgiou is the most common surname, with Charalambous, Ioannou, and Constantinou ranking next on the list of common last names.

Can a guy be called a muse? ›

There have been male muses in artistic history, too. The newly opened Barbara Hepworth exhibition at London's Tate Britain reveals how the sculptresses husband, Ben Nicholson, became an all-encompassing source of inspiration for her.

Can a woman be a muse? ›

Traditionally, a muse is always a woman, and the creator who uses her for his art is a man. There is, then, a paradox at the heart of the concept of the muse. The notion of the ancient muses seems to enable female creativity: the muses are goddesses, who, in turn, inspire others to create art.

What language is Muse? ›

From Middle French muse, from Latin Mūsa, from Ancient Greek Μοῦσα (Moûsa).

Who were the 9 muses daughters of? ›

The nine muses in Greek mythology were goddesses of the arts and sciences, and were daughters of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory.

What are 9 muses known? ›

The nine Greek Muses were Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomeni, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Urania, and Calliope.

Who is the oldest muse? ›

Calliope (or Kalliope)

Calliope was the eldest of the nine Muses. She had the gift of eloquence, which she was able to bestow upon statesmen and royalty. She was also the mother of Orpheus the bard.


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