All About Salt And Pepper Hair - A Trend Designed To Spice Up Your Look (2023)

Is salt and pepper hair attractive? The fashion world is a spacious kitchen of growing trends, where hair plays the role of the most crucial ingredients. Gray hair didn’t even impress women years ago, but as years passed, it’s becoming a trend. For women nowadays, it makes them more attractive and chic. But does gray hair make you look older? The answer is no. It’s now a trend that no one can resist. If you’re one of those stylish girls who want to keep up with trends and still look unique, don’t let this hair color guide pass.


What Is Salt And Pepper Hair?

There are so many shades of gray and you might get confused about what exactly the salt and pepper hair is. In a natural essence, men and women would eventually get this color when the right time comes. It’s a combination of black and gray shades that looks naturally shiny with some traces of white. So, to describe this shade, it looks like salt on dark food and pepper on light food. This is why this hair color has been the top choice of many women, especially in the modern fashion world. It’s very chic and attractive at the same time.


Basics You Should Know Before Getting Salt And Pepper Hair

Salt and pepper hair is about looking natural yet both classy and trendy. But you should consider the bleaching process that you need to undergo to achieve gray hair. While it’s fine to do this at home, it is best to let a professional hair colorist do it for you to ensure your hair’s safety when bleaching.

Women with naturally light hair can get salt and pepper hair color easier. The ones with dark mane would need bleaching so that the white and gray colors can highlight your darker base. Overall, this process is fun and exciting!

How To Get Salt And Pepper Hair & Coloring Ideas

If you are into DIY and you have been tempted to get salt and pepper hair, it is safe to say that there are ways to achieve it without breaking the bank. It would be difficult to find this color in hair dyes because it needs proper bleaching and blending. First off, you need to be careful with everything, especially in bleaching your hair as it can damage it if not done properly.

Salt and pepper hair style will need you to have a silver color alongside black or dark brown - if you are naturally blonde.


Salt And Pepper Ombre

Fortunately, salt and pepper hair women love so much has loads of options to choose from. Each of them looks unique, and, most importantly, never makes a lady appear older. On the contrary, it takes years off. If you’re not sure about an all-over color, ombre over your dark base will be a brilliant idea.

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Salt And Pepper With Neon Yellow

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Don’t forget to let your hair express your bright personality. A vivid touch to the classic idea is enough to put your signature to the look.


Salt And Pepper With Black Roots

Leaving black roots visible has always been a trendy color hack. In case of your salt and pepper look for 2020, such a move will give a more natural appearance to the color.

Salt And Pepper 2021 Ombre With Graphite Undertone

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Dramatic and drastic contrasts seem never to go out of fashion. First, you add a lot of pepper, then you pass some salt. As a result, a hot statement is ready to get eaten.

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Brownish Salt And Pepper Babylights

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You can always come out of the salt and pepper zone by adding more colors to the mix. For example, pastel and light browns will go awesomely with the trend.


Salt And Pepper Sombre

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As a light version of the ombre technique, sombre is meant to create visible yet smooth color graduations. This idea is a perfect example of nicely blended silver and dark grey shades for short hair.

Highlighted Salt And Pepper

There’s no better way of how to make salt and pepper hair shine than to achieve the color through highlights. Besides the unbelievable dimension, lightened locks give an illusion of illuminating color.

Deep Dark Balayage

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Color transition sent from above: this is how perfect balayage works. Going from dark to light, this technique gives a seamless, smooth play of colors that always looks pleasant.


Natural Salt And Pepper Look

Instead of waiting for your salt and pepper hair to come into your life naturally, you can make one simple call to your colorist. The key to making the combination of dark and greyish colors look natural is to make the grey portion prevail. Also, for a dimensional look, you can add blurred streaks of black to the midshafts.

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Dirty Salt And Pepper

Here, instead of light and shine-reflecting salt, a muted greyish tint asks pepper for a dance. Should we mention that at the end of the dance a new trend will be born? Unlike previous salt and pepper ideas, this look has a deep dusty finish that gives a fresh take at the never-ending gray color trend.

Ashy Salt And Pepper

Apart from adding salt and pepper to taste, you can also adjust the temperature of your trendy look. Once you’ve decided which of the shades you want to be the highlight, as well as thought of the color placement, think of how bright, deep or muted you want the look to be. Here, for example, you can see the lightest variation of salt and pepper achieved through ashy colors. Such ideas work wonders for those who want to emphasize the fair skin tones and have cool-toned color.


Ways To Style Salt And Pepper Hair

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Styling your salt and pepper hair couldn’t be any prettier if you are adventurous and loves unique hairstyles. There are plenty of ways to style your gray hair and braids are popular among girls these days. One of the top choices is the rope braids, fishtail, French or Dutch braid. These are the go-to hairstyles that women love nowadays.

If you are not into braids for your salt and pepper hair style, you can use hair sprays to make it look effortless.

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Simple Half-Up

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Yes, it’s a simple half-up. But, in fact, this spectacular color dimension turns it to a real masterpiece.

Knotted Updo Style

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Braids look at their best when done on highlighted hair. Their amazing texture literally makes salt and pepper hair with highlights get more alive and organic.


Braided Space Buns

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Space buns are another easy-to-do casual style. Yet, the braided pattern made out of distinctive salt and pepper palette makes it not only different but also versatile.

Crown Braid Half-Up

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Why don’t give a modern take on a super-feminine crown braid? Girly yet bold, isn’t it a classy idea?

Pull-Through Braids

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Wearing pull-through braids means having a ton of volume accompanying you all day long. Since we can’t have too much of volume, the dimensional color mix will come in handy!


Three Strand Braid Waterfall

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One Side Braid for Salt And Pepper Hair

Credit photo:

Double Cornrows High Pony

Credit photo:


Low Ponytail with Stars

Credit photo:

Waves & Bobby Pin

Credit photo:

Half up With Accessories

Credit photo:


Low Straight Pony

Credit photo:

Fishtail Braidstyle

Credit photo:

High Braided Ponytail

Believe it or not, the salt and pepper hair color ideas you’ve seen today are only the beginning. You can experiment with different coloring patterns and techniques and jump from temporary to permanent decisions. All in all, this trend will work for everyone, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot!


How To Take Care Of Salt And Pepper Hair

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Given the bleaching process you have had to achieve the salt and pepper hair, it is important that you know how to take care of it. Bleach can make your hair look brittle and frizzy. But if you can maintain it, there’s nothing to worry about.

A lot of you may ask how to make salt-and-pepper hair shine after the bleaching process. First off, massage your scalp using follicle-stimulating essential oils before shampooing. Also, use deep conditioners at least 4 times a month to soften your mane and maintain moisture into your hair shaft. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners for a healthier head of hair!


Is salt and pepper hair attractive?

Now, more than ever salt and pepper hair is associated with beauty and attractiveness. It is usually a sign of maturity and wisdom. So, if your locks have started to turn gray, it is high time to embrace them and flaunt them proudly.

Does salt and pepper hair age you?

There is a stereotype that gray hair signifies aging. However, like all stereotypes, this is not completely true. While salt and pepper hair may sometimes give a mature vibe, when the color is pure gray, it looks fascinating.

What color looks best with salt and pepper hair?

If you have salt and pepper locks, here is the color scheme you should stick to:

  • Opt for colors that are vibrant and flamboyant, such as clear white, fuchsia, royal blue and emerald.
  • Avoid shades with a warm and yellow undertone, like rust, camel, ivory and avocado.
  • Steer clear of jewelry made of yellow gold, going for white metals instead.
  • When choosing eyeglasses, make sure they are not rimless or the frames are not pastel or bronze.
  • Abstain from accessories in earthy and tan shades.


  • Salt and pepper hair is in! Here is how to get the gray hair look, along with tips for caring for it and styling it. Source



What does salt and pepper hair mean? ›

/ˌsɒlt.ənˈpep.ər/ (UK pepper-and-salt) Salt-and-pepper hair is a mixture of dark hairs and gray or white hairs.

Can salt and pepper hair look good? ›

In 2021 one of the hottest trends is the Salt and Pepper hair color. It is a successful mix of gray, silver and black hair that looks very elegant and attractive.

Is salt and pepper hair attractive on a woman? ›

Translating this generalized preference for balanced facial hair among women to regular scalp hair, we might conclude “that salt and pepper hair can be attractive as a sign of character, particularly maturity, and helps strike a desirable balance between being too young and too old, and between being too masculine and ...

What does the Bible say about salt and pepper? ›

(Matthew 5:13-16; RSV) "You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trodden under foot by men. You are the light of the world.

What 2 hair colors go well together? ›

5 hair colour combinations that pair well!
  • Black and burgundy. Black hair color has a reputation for being boring and bland. ...
  • Brown and red. This is an apt hair color combination, that lightens your appearance while looking vibrant. ...
  • Brown and golden highlights. ...
  • Dark roots with light ends. ...
  • Black and brown.

What color lipstick goes best with gray hair? ›

For the lips, pink, rose, and coral shades are perfect complements to gray hair.

Is salt and pepper hair Ageing? ›

It is common to notice the acclimation of salt and pepper hair as you get older. This is a natural part of the aging process that is seen between the ages of 45-65. However, it is also possible to develop premature gray hair before you turn 30 due to genetics.

Is purple shampoo good for salt and pepper hair? ›

But if you have no yellowing in your white hair, there's no need to use purple shampoo. Just skip it! What Happens If I Use Purple Shampoo On Salt & Pepper Hair? As with gray, silver, or white hair, it's fine to use on salt and pepper hair, providing you are using it to reduce the yellow tones in your hair.

How can I make my grey hair more exciting? ›

How To Enhance Natural Grey Hair: Highlights, Lowlights & Keeping Your Grey Gorgeous
  1. Blend grey hair with highlights and lowlights.
  2. Embrace your roots with grey balayage hair.
  3. Use hair products that enhance your naturally silver grey hair.

What colors enhance grey hair? ›

Neutral shades like soft blonde, mushroom brown, light copper, and caramel blonde balayage are the easiest to blend gray into (and maintain over time without wanting to shave your hair off).

What makes hair grey faster? ›

Scientists don't know exactly why some people go gray early, but genes play a large role. Also, a vitamin B-12 deficiency or problems with your pituitary or thyroid gland can cause premature graying that's reversible if the problem is corrected, Benabio says.

What hair color is seductive? ›

Most women think brunette hair is the sexiest, as 25% of those polled favoured this option. Womens' second preference is blonde, which was voted as the sexiest hair colour by 19.6% of women. Again, red took third spot, accounting for 11.8% of womens' votes.

What hair color makes you attractive? ›

People with brunette hair are the most attractive.

By presenting pictures of the same woman with different dye hair colors, the researchers found that out of the population analyzed, 67 percent of men preferred the woman with brunette hair and 71 percent of women chose the man with brunette hair.

What is salt and pepper relationship? ›

Pepper is Salts best friend or "BCFF". The two are inseparable, if you don't count "Alternate Reality Show", where there relationship was disrupted greatly when LightBulb and Test Tube began to describe Pepper being like a side kick.

Why is salt and pepper a thing? ›

History. The pairing of salt and pepper as table accessories dates to seventeenth-century French cuisine, which considered black pepper (distinct from herbs such as fines herbes) the only spice that did not overpower the true taste of food.

What spice is mentioned in the Bible? ›

Exodus 30:23-25 Take thou also unto thee principal spices, of pure myrrh five hundred shekels, and of sweet cinnamon half so much, even two hundred and fifty shekels, and of sweet calamus two hundred and fifty shekels, And of cassia five hundred shekels, after the shekel of the sanctuary, and of oil olive an hin: And ...

What is Matthew 5 13 mean? ›

It was most used as a preservative; this use was important enough that salt was sometimes even used as currency, from which the word salary originates. The most common interpretation of this verse is a reference to salt as a preservative, and to thus see the duty of the disciples as preserving the purity of the world.

What color hair matches with everything? ›

Think of honey as the denim of hair colors: It goes with everything. "Since it's not too warm and not too cool, it's like a neutral," explains Hazan.

What hair colors go with anything? ›

The Best Hair Color for Me: 24 Universal Hair Colors
  • Bronde. Why choose between brown or blonde when you can have both? ...
  • Dark Brown. This classic color fits seamlessly on everyone. ...
  • Honey Blonde. This sweet color is total eye candy. ...
  • Ombré ...
  • Golden Brown. ...
  • Raven Black. ...
  • Dark Caramel. ...
  • Jet Black.

What is the most beautiful shade of brown hair? ›

30 Best Shades of Brown Hair Color
  • Medium Golden Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Light Beige Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Auburn Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Platinum Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Blonde Brown (Bronde) Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Ginger Brown Hair Color. Save. ...
  • Espresso Brown Hair Color. Save. Instagram. ...
  • Burgundy Brown Hair Color. Save. Instagram.
Dec 9, 2022

What color eyeliner should you wear with gray hair? ›

“Navy is great for women with white hair.” For people with medium-toned skin and gray or white hair, she suggests using a dark brown liner. For those with dark skin, she said black liner will help the eyes stand out.

What color should your eyebrows be if you have gray hair? ›

"Even if the hair on your head is silver or gray hair, I suggest dyeing brows light brown," says Petrescu.

What color eye makeup for gray hair? ›

“The best eye shadow shades for gray hair are taupe, navy, brown, and plums,” says celebrity makeup artist, Nydia Figueroa. And if you're looking to add brightness, choose one with “a bone matte color or even a color that is a little brighter than your skin tone to pull the look together,” Figueroa explains.

Should I go grey at 65? ›

When should I go gray? That's a question a lot of us ask ourselves as we start getting older. Cosmetologists and colorists, as a general rule of thumb, advise going gray when 80% of your hair is white or gray, or when your hair starts feeling increasingly dry and brittle.

What is the best hair color for 60 year old woman? ›

Silver, ashy, blond, and platinum are indeed the most popular hair color choices for women over 60.

Is it better to go lighter or darker to cover gray hair? ›

For grey hair coverage, we generally recommend that you aim to color slightly lighter than the natural hair color level of your client. In this case we would suggest you go for a color starting in level 6 (Dark Blonde) or 7 (Blonde).

What is grey blending for hair? ›

Gray blending is a subtle hair color application that oscillates between highlights and balayage. Like a game of chiaroscuro, the colorist will first lighten large sections of hair with a light balayage, then accentuate the effect on a few finer strands to blend in the gray hair naturally present.

What haircolor makes you younger? ›

Caramel, honey, gold, copper, and strawberry give a healthy brightness that makes us look and feel younger. (Framing your face with lighter shades draws the eye away from any complexion concerns, as well.)

What is the best hair color for aging hair? ›

If you're looking to stay true to your aging roots, a light blonde shade is always the way to go. This color blends seamlessly with ashy browns and grays.

What is the average age to go grey female? ›

Some women may begin going gray in their 30s or 40s. But for others, the process may begin as early as when they're 20 years old. For some women, hair can be a form of self expression. When it begins to turn gray, some women think nothing of it or even realize that they love their new silvery strands.

What highlights for salt and pepper hair? ›

What about highlights for salt and pepper hair? Silver and light gray streaks will give it more dimension.

What happens if you use purple shampoo on gray hair? ›

Using a purple shampoo on grey hair can help to remove brassy yellow shades, leaving you with a flattering silver undertone.

How do you make salt and pepper hair brighter? ›

Brightening salt and pepper hair with apple cider vinegar:

Make a mixture of 1-4 tablespoons of vinegar with 1-2 cups of water. Before applying it, shampoo and condition your hair. Then, gently pour the rinse over your scalp and soak all your hair. Leave it in for 2-3 minutes.

Does long hair age you? ›

Does long hair age an older woman? Break It: Long hair after 40 doesn't automatically make you look older, but since hair thins as you age, pump up the volume with layers and movement around the face. "Poker-straight styles are too harsh," says stylist Byron Williams, who has worked with Demi Moore.

What does baking soda do to grey hair? ›

Since baking soda is a scrubbing agent, washing your hair with it can gradually strip the dye from your locks. Baking soda can lighten all hair colors, but it might take a few washes to get your hair to the desired color.

Does dark hair age you? ›

Going too dark with your color creates the illusion of more fine lines and wrinkles, says Michael Dueñas, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hair Room Service. Also, if you have gray hair, you can make the line of demarcation more apparent when your hair starts to grow in.

What is butterscotch hair color? ›

The butterscotch hair color has a base of warm brown with strong hues and tones of gold. The color can also be described as being adjacent to caramel. This hairstyle not only looks great on natural hair but with protective styling options too!

Can gray hair be attractive? ›

According to the survey by the online dating site, women like men with grey hair as long as they do not look too old. Also, attractiveness depended on the pattern of greying as well. As per the participants, they find a certain level of grey hair more appealing than a full head of grey.

What makeup to wear with gray hair over 60? ›

When it comes to eye makeup for older women with grey hair, Ariane that we consider charcoal grey and purple shades. Another option is navy blue, which is often more complimentary for women with grey hair than black. Or, if you want a softer look, you can stick with grey.

Why do some people not go grey? ›

Scientists still don't know why some people turn gray early, late, or not at all, although they suspect genes, nutrients and possibly the immune system play a role in depleting melanocyte stem cells.

Does grey hair mean you are aging faster? ›

Gray hair is one of the universal signs of advanced age. More likely than not, at some point in your life, your hair will start to go gray. Some individuals can maintain hair color well into their older age, but most do not.

What will brighten gray hair? ›

How to make gray hair soft, shiny, and silver
  • Use a hydrating shampoo regularly. ...
  • Swap in a clarifying shampoo. ...
  • Use a purple shampoo and conditioner. ...
  • Use a serum for shine. ...
  • Use hairspray the right way. ...
  • See a hair stylist for a keratin treatment. ...
  • Do weekly deep conditioning masks. ...
  • Get a gloss treatment.

What is a salt and pepper relationship? ›

All healthy interpersonal relationships have two ingredients, they are based on respect and trust. They are like salt and pepper: they go together to enhance impact. When they are used together in relationships they honour the basic needs and wants of people – their inherent rights.

What does it mean when salt and pepper are married? ›

It is our salt and pepper partnership: a marriage made up of two very different people whose differences create a perfect pair. On the outside, it looks like we have very little in common.

Why is it called salt and pepper? ›

History. The pairing of salt and pepper as table accessories dates to seventeenth-century French cuisine, which considered black pepper (distinct from herbs such as fines herbes) the only spice that did not overpower the true taste of food.

What is salt and pepper hair men? ›

Salt and pepper hair refers to the color combination of grey, silver, and dark hairs, giving it the appearance of salt, which is white or in this case grey, and pepper which is black. It is a look that can be created with the help of a colorist but also occurs naturally as men age.

Is salt and pepper positive or negative? ›

When the comb is rubbed against the cloth or balloon, it becomes negatively charged. The salt and pepper are both positively charged, which means they will form a natural attraction to the static from the comb.

What is salt and pepper pattern? ›

The salt and pepper sign is used to refer to a speckled appearance of tissue on imaging. It is used in many contexts, but most commonly for the appearance of certain lesions on MRI, especially paragangliomas.

What does marry the ketchup mean? ›

And for the record, and because it is never explained in the pilot, “marrying” the ketchup bottles means taking one half-full bottle and balancing it on top of another half-full bottle to make a full bottle, which is not nearly as hard as it sounds.

What is salt symbolic of? ›

In various contexts, it is used metaphorically to signify permanence, loyalty, durability, fidelity, usefulness, value, and purification.

Why did salt and pepper become so popular? ›

Salt and pepper were fated to end up together inevitably, but it was a Frenchman, Francois Pierre La Varenne, France's first celebrity chef and a royal chef to Louis XIV, who encouraged folks to combine the seasonings in the 17th century.

What is salt and pepper appearance? ›

The salt-and-pepper appearance is a vitiligo-like skin manifestation characterized by a coexistence of hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. These skin changes can be found in the sclerotic area. Previous reports showed about 94% of the patients who were diagnosed with SSc had a salt-and-pepper appearance.

How do you hide salt and pepper hair? ›

If you, too, have developed some grays and are looking to camouflage them, here's our best advice:
  1. Spot treat with dye.
  2. Strategically add lighter highlights.
  3. Ask for babylights.
  4. Try a glaze or gloss to soften strands.
  5. Just don't pluck.
Apr 21, 2021


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