25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (2023)

The fashion trends change from time to time, and we try to go with the flow with every possible effort. The woodland theme is quiet these days, adding a touch of rustic and natural character to your home. So it is the right time to get your house adapted to this wood embellishing in your home interiors using wood. Here we have rounded up for you these 25 DIY wood log projects and craft ideas so that you can also enjoy the ongoing decor trends in your home sweet home.

Wood comes in slices, branches, and heavy wooden logs, and all have been used here to yield some really amazing crafts of furniture and home ornaments. If you are a little crafty and know how to handle the tools, these following ideas are just feasible projects to be a part of the next to-do list. Storage racks, seating items, racks, tables, clocks, planters so that you can enjoy better interior designing and improved outdoors. So do have a look at the following ideas so that you can bring some natural and rustic vibes to your home.

1. Woodsy Fall Log Wreath

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (1)

This awfully gorgeous and funky wooden log wreath seems to be quite interesting in looks and the making. So need a wooden log and cut it into equal-sized pieces to join them together in a hexagon’s shape. The log has been painted in light blue, and the addition of the burlap bow brings more charm to this wreath. Check out the details here! housefulofhand

2. DIY Succulent Log Planter

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (2)

This DIY succulent log planter makes the perfect centerpiece for your indoor as well as outdoor table décor. You need fever and least of the hard work to work up this pretty succulent log planter. Just take faux succulent planters and glue them on the top of this thick and wide log, and your planer is ready in minutes. Details of the idea right here! houseofhawthornes

3. Fall Log Photo Frame

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (3)

This is one of the most quirky yet cute and adorable ideas of displaying your picture around your home décor. An acrylic frame here has been used to display your photon. The charm of the photo frame lies in those two fall logs, which have been used to hold together the frame with glue. Follow the easy details of the idea right here! inmyownstyle

4. Long-Burning Bonfire Log

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (4)

Summer fun is undone without the bonfires, and here is the idea of a long-burning bonfire log for you this time. You have to do quite a little work to make this pretty burning bonfire log on your own. Just take a big and long bonfire log and create cuts on it just like you have on a pizza. Burn it up and have bonfire fun on a summer night. Details of the idea here! cabinlife

5. How to Make a Log Lantern

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (5)


These DIY log lanterns are among the best kinds of luminaries you can make and adorn your spaces with. The piece of log is first hallowed and then drawn with the desired pattern with chalk. Then take your saw and carve out your design with thing slits. Use LED lights so that you can light up this lantern in any area of the house with utter feasibility. Check out the details here! stihl

Watch This Video: DIY Concrete Tree Log Waterfall Fountain – Wood Log Decoration (17 Minutes 14 Seconds)

6. Rustic Log and Reclaimed Wood Garden Bench

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (6)

Bring more natural and rustic vibes to your garden décor with this rustic log and reclaimed wood garden bench. The bench is made out of two wide, thick wooden logs as its leggy support and the wooden slats serve as the seating. Keep the look of the bench rustic to let it meet with the garden ambiance perfectly. thediymommy

7. Birch Log Candle Holder

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (7)

Candles are a must part of the décor for any special occasion and festive. So here is this birch log candle holder to be a perfect dinner table centerpiece for your next dinner gathering. Just take a long birch wood log, slice it in half, and drill up holes on the top to use as pockets for the tea lights. Step by step details of the idea here! h2obungalow

8. Paint Dipped Succulent Log Planter

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (8)

Well, this is the time to elevate the beauty of your backyard, and this paint-dipped succulent log planter is the perfect piece for that purpose. Just take a rustic and withered wooden log and paint it in any of the eye-popping paint hues, just like this one is done in blue. Then create hollow the log a bit on the top and plant a succulent it in, and it’s done. Grab complete details of the idea here! thediymommy

9. Birch Log Pillar Candle Holders

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (9)

Pillar candles are part of most of our décor arrangements for the dinner tables. This time you can charm the candles’ beauty more by using birch log pieces as the candle holders. The birch logs have been covered with silver foil and sealed for a gleaming and decorative surface. Check out more details of the idea here! freutcake

10. DIY Wood Log Lounger

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (10)

(Video) Make 6 DIY Home Decor Items from One Log--You Won't Believe What You Can Make!

Who would not love to have a lounger that costs him nothing but a few pennies? So here is the idea of this wooden lounger but with a twist. The uniqueness of this lounger is that it is made out of wooden logs. You need a lot of wooden logs and basic crafty tools and supplies to work up this project. Check out the details here! homemade modern

11. Knotted Chunk of Free Wood Into Log Stool

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (11)

Need a stool? How about making this knotted chunk of free wood into a log stool on your own? Yes, this pretty wood and gorgeous stool are made out of the log and a cedar tree. The log is rounded, sanded, and stained, and a cedar tree has been used to create four legs of this stool. Catch complete details and instructions of the project here! hometalk

12. Industrial Style Log Rack

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (12)

Logs are precious wooden asserts, so keep them safe in your backyard with this industrial style .log rack. Things you need to make this sleek in design log rack are the pine wooden pieces, perforated steel angles, and the wheels, along with your tool kit. You can grab the tutorial details of this log rack right here! hgtv

13. DIY Log Side Table

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (13)

Need a side table for your porch seating or the living room sofa? This DIY log side table is the perfect project to meet your needs easily and cheaply at home. Yes, a thick and robust wooden log has been turned into a lovely side table here. The wooden log has been treated with varnish and painted white for that utterly fresh and chic look. Details here! grayhousestudio

14. Rustic Log Lamp with Led Power

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (14)

This rustic log lamp with led power is a perfect way to bring some natural wood vibes to your spaces. The lamp post here has been replaced with the wooden log, with thin slices of the log serving as the base of the post. This rustic log lamp is going to look stunning on your bedside table. Learn to make it with the clear instructions given here! outnumbered

15. DIY Birch Log Ring Box

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (15)

This birch log ring box is so cute and exciting that any lady out there will love it so much. You need two equal-sized pieces of birch wood with a slit in one for the wring and a hole in the other. Get these two pieces attached using the clamps and the hinges? Check out the details of the idea right here! ruffled

(Video) 27 Easiest Woodworking Projects for Beginners

16. Homemade Strongman Log Bar

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (16)

Enjoy gymming and weight lifting at home with this homemade strong man log bar. You can easily make this strongman long bar on your with a few things on hand. Either you can make it for yourself or use it as a gift for someone who is a strongman around you. Check out the details of the idea right on the link here! garagegymreviews

17. DIY Initial Log Decor

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (17)

Make your valentine’s day or anniversary more special with this DIY initial log décor. The log has a heart carved out on the log with the name initials inside the heart. This would be a perfect gift or a piece of table décor for your valentine’s day dinner. Follow the details of the idea here to make it perfectly at home. alittlecraftinyour

18. Make Your Own Yule Log

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (18)

Add more warmth to your décor with this make a Yule log centerpiece for your dinner tables. The long wooden birch wood log has multiple holes at equal distances to hold thick candles inside. So get your birch wood and drill machine to create those candle pockets inside it. Check out the details of the idea here! virginiasweetpea

19. DIY Natural Log Side Table

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (19)

You do not need a fancy and expensive side table as you can turn a wooden log into a side table on your own. Just take the log, which has a handsome height and width. Then sand the wooden log and paint up the top half of the log in white and add casters at the bottom and your chic side table is ready. Details here! diypassion

20. Rustic Log Bird Feeder

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (20)

Make your outdoors more meaningful with this rustic log bird feeder. The idea is totally simple and cheap to get a bird feeder installed in your space. Get the log and drill some holes on it at a random distance. Then grab the bird’s feed and pour it in that hole using a spoon and hang the long and it’s done. Details here! houseofhawthorn

21. Custom Pine Log Lamp

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (21)

(Video) Top 5 Best Wood Log Splitter You Need To See

Does not this custom pine log lamp looks so interesting for your bedside tables. Just take the wooden log, sand, and stain it, and you have the perfect wooden lamp post to fix your lampshade on. You can check out the details of the idea right here to make one for you right this weekend. instructables

22. Rustic DIY Log Bench

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (22)

Enjoy yours outdoors with more comfort with this rustic log bench with long seating. You need wooden logs to use as the legs of the bench and a long wide wooden slab to turn into the seating top of the rustic log bench. It keeps the bench looking rustic with its natural wooden color, or you can stain it up for a more enhanced look. Check out the details here! jennasuedesign

23. Snowy Birch Logs Winter Centerpiece

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (23)

Pines and the faux snow are must-have pieces for our winter décor. This time makes these snowy birch logs winter centerpieces gorgeous and cute yet super easy and cheap to make. You need to cover the birch wood log with snow tex roughly and then glue up a pine cone on the top, and it’s ready. Follow the craft more right here! attagirlsays

24. How to Make Log Reindeer

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (24)

Make your decks and front doors look interestingly gorgeous and welcoming for Christmas with this log reindeer. This lovely DIY can look tough, but you know how easy and fun it is to make once you get into the details. The thick wood logs make the body, the thin make the legs, and the dry wooden branches serve as the antlers. Check out the step-by-step details here! woodchuckcanuck

25. Log Swing for Run

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (25)

Let your birds have some fun outdoors with this gorgeous long swing. If you have hens and chicken, they would love to ride this swing and enjoy some relaxing time. The swing is easy to make with a wooden log, two drilled holes on the ends, and the twine to hang it up. You can check out the complete details right here! fresheggsdaily

26. Five-Dollar Log Cabin Playhouse

25 DIY Wood Log Projects and Crafts (26)

It is a dream of every child to have a playhouse in the outdoors. But the market-found playhouses are super expensive, so here is this give dollar log cabin playhouse to make and let you have your dream come true at cheaper rates. You need a lot of wooden logs and some plain wood to make this robust cabin playhouse. Get the tutorial right here! familyhandyman

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